"All pain turns to medicine."


About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is about gaining awareness. My orientation integrates both the personal and the transpersonal, ordinary and non-ordinary states of consciousness, modern Western perspectives and Eastern wisdom, an analytical intellect and intuitive ways of knowing.

Psychotherapy is basically a working partnership between therapist and client.  Time is spent remembering events in the past and trying to understand how they connect with what is going on in the present.  The therapist listens, asks questions, often offers support and encouragement for the expression of feelings.

I believe that the therapist's consciousness and own personal spiritual journey are important in this work and provide the atmosphere to support the client's journey.     In this regard, I have come to feel that my work deepens with age and the wisdom age brings.

Techniques I might employ are limitless and can include methods from many psychotherapeutic modalities. Techniques are determined by the situation and fit for each person I am working with.

Some principles I adhere to
•    A belief in the basic goodness of each individual as well as the universe as a whole
•    That human beings are both psychological and spiritual in nature
•    That every person is doing the very best they can at every moment or they would do better
•    Accessing inner wisdom is both possible and necessary for growth
•    That human beings possess different internal parts that must be acknowledged and worked with
•    The recognition that each person is essentially part of a larger whole
•    That, in a sense, we are all connected