Couples Work

"The grass is greener….when it’s watered." Unknown

 Imagine if you could end the pain and suffering that comes from feeling a lack of connection and a lack of love in your relationship. Now imagine feeling unconditional love for yourself, for your partner, and from your partner.  Couples Work can offer your relationship the support and crucial information it deserves and needs to flourish.

I can effectively work with either one or both members of a couple. The ultimate goal is bringing compassion and loving attention to the relationship so that healing can begin. And while one partner can't do the other's work, by changing their own behavior one partner can effect change in their partner's behavior.  

In doing this work you will learn how to:

  • Support your partner's growth with love and compassion
  • Own your reactions
  • See your relationship as a vehicle for your own growth and learning
  • Know when to stay and when to leave a relationship
  • Stay even when you are hurting and not leave as a way of punishing your partner
  • Allow your partner to be right

There are three important elements that we need to honor in couples work: you, your partner, and the relationship. Together we will look at the relationship in terms of what's best, not just for each individual, but for the relationship itself. As we explore each of your common complaints, repeated patterns, and unfulfilled expectations, you will each begin to take responsibility for your part in what works and what doesn't, you and your partner will begin to align, and the relationship can then grow stronger. Instead of feeling that you need to pull away from your partner, you will each learn to lean in, and the relationship will begin to grow closer rather than further apart.     

Please feel free to contact me to explore whether I may be able to help you navigate through the problems in your primary relationship.  Don't wait.  Call me at 707 634 4824 to set up an appointment, either in person or via Skype.