Parenting Group (based on the work of Hand in Hand Parenting)

I particuarly love teaching groups of parents that are already friends. You will learn wonderful ways to support each other.  Join with one or more parent, or better yet, organize a group of parents and I will lead it.  We can meet at my office in Sebastopol or possibly at the home of one of the participants.

In this group, you will...

  • Come away with a new understanding of how to more effectively navigate through difficult times.
  • Learn crucial information that can preserve your relationship with those most precious to you.
  • Receive encouragement and tools to build more effective support for yourself and your family.                                 

     I offer parenting help because I care deeply about children and the struggles of being in parent in our society.  And also because I have information that I am passionate about sharing with parents. My experience has been that learning this information is a precious gift that will improve things tremendously for you and your family.  I  have extensive experience teaching the work as described in Hand in Hand Parenting

     An important aspect of this work is understanding the importance of your child feeling connected.  A child who doesn’t feel connected to their caregiver does unreasonable and unworkable things.  He or she becomes unable to take other’s feelings into consideration.  The child acts out their anger or frustration, often in hopes that someone will offer them some kind of help.  Connectedness is a basic human need, as vital to a child as water, sleep and nourishment.  Feeling connected allows the caregiver to set limits within a context of love.  In this way, setting limits becomes the catalyst to help move the child back into feeling loved and connected.

     Groups are small (8-10 people), so please do let me know if you are interested in joining a parenting group.  If this is an issue that you are grappling with, please give me a call so that we can determine if this group is right for you.