"...I am very grateful to have had the experience of working with Ilene English.  Ilene has an awareness and compassion that was invaluable to me.  I always knew I was being heard, and that she truly understood the challenges I was facing.  As a single mother struggling to maintain my equilibrium, her very grounded and practical insights guided me to firmer footing."

"Working with Ilene has helped me move toward making healthier and more life-affirming choices. Thank you, Ilene, for all your great work. "

" I seem to be plodding along through life's ups and downs with more ups than downs now.  I think of your often and all the help and guidance you gave me.  I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for you, so thank you for getting me started in the right direction.  And, thank you for being such a shining example.  I admire you in so many ways."

"Ilene has a beautiful smile and a light shining from her eyes that helped me feel safe from the beginning.  She possesses a special ability to empower metowards finding my own solutions and my own answers in my life. She is completely non-judgmental, and consistently notices and points out my strengths instead of my weaknesses.  This has helped me to notice them too!  Whenever I get stuck, Ilene seems to know the right words or the right question to ask to help guide me to my answer... "

"I was emotionally and sexually abused as a child.  I was addicted to drugs and alcohol for years.  I have learning disabilities and always lived with a sense of shame, guilt and a tremendous amount of fear of failure.  It seemed as if my destiny was to always come up short of the "brass ring". I just wasn't smart enough, good enough and my child abuse issues assured me that I would never have a loving, healthy secure sexual relationship...Today I am happy to say that 95% of the time I feel like an adult.  I am responsible for my feelings,  I can communicate without sounding like a victim.  I have accepted my limitations with my learning disabilities, am learning to work with or around them, and not feel ashamed or stupid.  And I am involved in a loving relationship for the first time ever.  What a miracle!"

"Ilene led a group for women who had all met at NA (Narcotics Anonymous).   It was so helpful to have someone who could guide us to go deeper into the pain of the past that caused us to become addicts in the first place, and then lead us out again to realize that we are no longer victims. "

"Ilene is a teacher and a healer.  She teaches unconditional love by giving it.  Through her, I am learning one of the most difficult lessons ever, how to unconditionally love myself!"

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