“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

                                                                        -Carl R. Rogers

Life Coaching

I offer an effective and concise way to help people learn how to more successfully accomplish their life's goals.


Skillful listening   Deep and empathic listening is at the heart of the therapeutic relationship, and psychotherapists have had much professional experience honing their listening skills. In addition to listening, we are able to hear what is not being said and to detect how nuances of expression, voice, and energy unite or contradict what the client is saying with their nonverbal cues.

Reframing   The ability to look at the positive or less innocuous side on a statement or belief expressed by a client is critical to effective life coaching and one that therapists are skilled at bringing to the coaching relationship.

Ability to suspend judgment   Therapists have heard it all.   They can listen to their clients without judging them.  Having a place to  express one’s deepest desires or fears is both freeing and helpful to reaching one’s goals.

Ability to seek solution and think of possibilities Trained and experienced therapists are typically good solution seekers and possibility thinkers and their professional training and experience has undoubtedly enhanced these skills.

For information about either telephone or in-person coaching sessions, please email or call Ilene at 707.634.4824. Email to: ilene@therapygroups.com.